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Wheel -MTB-
• test winner over and over again - lowest weight and best acceleration
• the light-master, …record braking…, the whole Cannondale team wants these wheels" (German tour magazine 12/97)
• "world class for racing, …first choice bearings, …highly recommended, …the right wheel set for riders over 175 lbs. body weight" (German Mountain BIKE 10/98)
• "Uli Fahl is the speed-king, …especially with XXX and tune you`re gonna feel like Thomas Frischknecht, …tune is the state of the art in acceleration" (German bike magazine 11/97)
• disc brake wheels: "these wheels are the best and lightest set for disc brakes on the market"
• "nothings is lighter, nothing is faster than tune, …Mike Kluge - German Cyclo-Cross World Champion and World Cup racer - races with them" (German Mountain BIKE 2/97)
• "the wheel with the best strength and stiffness, ...first class wheel set for climbing and over-all riding" (German tour magazine 7/99)
• lowest rotation mass for best acceleration
• highest bearing and seal quality
• custom wheel building: you tell us - we build it
• fastest repair service in the business
• 2 year warranty for spokes and nipples
• complete tune customer service and real expert advise
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These hand built carbon handlebars are made by Stefan Schmolke. tune is the distributor because of their superior quality. Do you remember the handle bar test in the German bike magazine (5/96) ? A ridiculous light weight handlebar (89 g) showed the big names how to do it. The "Karacho" handlebar is beyond any doubt the best.
Add another layer of carbon/kevlar to the "Karacho" handelbar and you have the "Prьgel" straight handlebar. Enjoy your downhill rides without any butterflies in your stomach
The road handlebar "Spurtstark" at a weight of 160 g literally gives you wings. The German tour magazine (6/93) sang the praises of this handlebar. Unfortunately the price doesn't allow too many folks to join the hymn.
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• kick your bike in the teeth without loosing any
• extremely tough titanium with surface impregnation - less expensive than aluminum chainrings (over its life span) and lighter
• durability close to steel
• reduced thickness with high profile teeth to improve down-shifting (20, 22, 24 T)
• prevents unwanted chain interference
• 32 T chainring with shift-assist pins
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Carbon Chainring
• These Carbon Chainring are manufactured in Germany according to a specific technology
• Quiet functioning
• The gear change is comfortable, minimal wear
• The Carbon Chainrings are available for Shimano and Campagnolo
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Bottom Bracket
• bottom bracket at it's very best
• the bottom bracket that withstands the legs of the strongest sprinter
• great experience with our light weight bottom brackets for many years
• everything is copyrighted by tune - that's what we call the leading edge
• large selection of spindle sizes, materials and type of bearings
• sealed 8-times (even on the inside!) for ultra-long lasting design - pressure washer resistant
• super stiff - super light
• maximal bearing spacing
• easy to install
• best fit, no creaking
• adjustable chain line (on request only)
• location - non-location bearing application - no misalignment possible
• easy and inexpensive exchange of cartridge bearings  the last bottom bracket you'll ever buy
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Crank Arms
• 3perfect compromise between weight and stiffness
• super-smooth surface without holes, corners or edges - means maximum strength and optimum durability ( "> 500.000 fatigue cycles", see German bike 9/94)
• hand-polished and clear or colored anodized spider and arm - available in different colors - every part individually !
• spider made with off-set instead of bent or curved crank arm for the best direction of force
• works best with spindle length 113 mm for MTB and 110 mm for road bike
• minimized spindle bend for long-lasting bottom bracket bearings
• tune logo laser etched - no weakening of surface by engraving at safe spot - no wear of logo due to angular position of crank arm
• orthopedic or custom fit - left and right crank arm in different lengths available triple crank sets for road bike • crank arm ends (road type) with through hole for pedal mounting with socket wrench
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• super light seatpost with redesigned and butted tubing - new profile - reinforced where your really need it
• two-bolt design - infinite adjusting clamp
• cradle seat clamp mechanism - saddle won't tip with loose seat bolts
• small amount of set back - ideal for steep seat tube angle
• beautiful colors - logo laser etched
• titanium hardware - custom made for tune
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Quick Releases
• tune quick releases - a class of its own
• "... the best engineered quick releases of all..." German tour 7/94
• super-light but with high clamping force
• unique look - beautiful finish
• extra slim and safe - no sharp edges
• rolled fine thread - ultra durable
• unique pull-rod technology - unbelievably low weight
• reduced rod (axle) diameter in center section - elongation bolt design
• slim - slick - stylish
German Mountainbike 9/99: "AC 9 - recommendable, super light and beautiful"
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Bar Ends
• ergonomically perfect
• lots of different grip positions due to huge diameter and ball-shaped end plug
• feather-light and super stiff due to best material and perfect shape
• titanium hardware and seamless aluminum tubing
• easy to install short, fat and comfy
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• "MIG 75" - the front suspension hub - super stiff
• "MIG 66" - the front road hub - super light and available with slotted spoke holes (up to 24 hole)
• flange design for radial lacing pattern and aero-bladed spokes (up to 28 hole) - more spoke holes are for cross lacing only
• "MIG 75" - lightest hub (hub test German bike 6/94) - first class stiffness
• sensation of the hub market - extreme stiffness at just 183/205/225 grams
• perfect tuning - no off -- the -- shelf parts - here is all custom made for tune
• best customer service down to smallest item - guaranteed
• complete serviceable - no maintenance required
• shot peened aluminum freehub body - more resistant against deformation from cassette
• spoke-friendly flange design
• oversized axle - "MAG 180" axle is made of carbon - extra stiff
• 4/5 cartridge bearings - sealed 8-times
• clear or colored anodized for flawless finish
• 4 pawls simultaneously engaged - freehub withstands strongest sprints
freehub body for Shimano or Campagnolo cassettes available
high-low flanges - larger flange on drive side for steeper spoke angle and more symmetric wheel
• unique design - "MAG 200/215" with adjustable play - no bearing misalignments or tightening at highest clamping force
new concept - "MAG 200" - now our stiffest rear hub available
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Our stem is the perfect helping hand if you surch a solution for problems. Robust, and it is light at the same time what supports you at the very front. Somebody who knows where to go that you don't loose the right way. One who just follows the path, unshakeable but although gives new ways.   Нажмите для увеличения изображения [откроется в новом окне]

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